All Things Confused

A dog with newspaper spots, barking wherever he goes.


Patio chalk

Does not balk,

But dust does not

Denote a lot.



Not every day is like this one

I took to be my own.

The walk was in the perfect place

For nearby trees to grow.

Restfully sloping hills contained

A smooth and breathless pond.

And strolling past, I saw myself-

My heart began to run.

Necessity was not the sight

From which I turned away.

Would flowers in the green arise

Without the worker bee?

But reflected in the stillness,

Clouds rolled across the sky.

Adrift amongst the lily pads,

They almost caught my eye.

Sometimes you wake up

And miss your friends,

Disparate dreams

Outside of your head.


The tiny footsteps

Of fallen leaves

Follow me.

And glances

Keep me company.


On occasion,

A sparrow hops,

But does not fly

Away from rocks.


I moved a


The indention made an impact.

The gross mud of my desecration,

Which my fingers wrought,

Has been a cause of consternation.


Things move without notice

And cannot be found,

On top of a shelf

Or under a bed.

We pace around

Until we find

They were in someplace

We chose ourselves.


The sun was bright,

My squinted eyes could

Not fully see.

And, if in this light,

I was blind, then

What is thought of me?

Should I try to help the world,

Will it wince and leave?

Despite the transience

Of the glow, I

Hope that it’s received.


dog-eared pages are bent

but I love those folds

the distorted words

become ours alone

No Escape

Loose ends are tied with knots.

Removal is chaos.

Deft hands may find

A different design.

Nothing can be undone.


It is easy to keep something

In a storage bin.

But cleaning

Makes me think again.


I cannot explain

Why I never spurn.

So in the dark

My heart returns.