All Things Confused

A dog with newspaper spots, barking wherever he goes.

Month: April, 2013


I do not have

To erase.

Time and light

Renew the space.


The Flower Bed

Bluebonnets in the spring

Sway to the breeze of bees.

Touch turns their white to red,

Never feeling the sting.

But now that part is dead-

No longer found with ease.

Empty Bowls

A bowl,

What is it?

Sometimes full

Or never full,

When will I be

A bowl?


Certain things will move folks,

But we were sitting.

We thought the breeze was cool,

So we started listening.

Sometimes we would stop-

Let it rest in the air.

We didn’t need to go anyplace

For us to be somewhere.


Stand face-to-face with a mirror

And ask which is better,

Nature, or the reflection.

Maybe neither.  Maybe they are both