All Things Confused

A dog with newspaper spots, barking wherever he goes.

Month: March, 2013

The Night Shift

Nocturnal animals

Peer through brush

With yellow eyes.

They turn and turn

To escape the daytime

Necessity of vines.

But only their prey escape,

Leaving them unfulfilled.



Apartments are better

With elevators.







[   ]

They take you home-


Winter, spring, summer, fall,

Winter, spring, summer, fall,

Winter, spring, summer, fall-

Oh, I wish to repeat them all!

For the cool, green,

Warm, leaves-

Rosy faces, smell of honey,

Toes on pavement, come together wind-

I cannot stop the world!

But I will know them- again and again.

Grammar Rules

The victorious write history;

The defeated are defeated twice.

They are first checked by their aggressors,

Before being spell-checked by device.


An impenetrably red line marks

An impenetrably livid mind.

The victorious rewrite history,

While the defeated retain the line.


I got a new phone

And my data was backed-up.

Could I be a phone?

Natural Disaster

Humans would make

Extraordinary volcanoes


And then so dormant

Dog Food

The hounds accept sustenance,

But do they hunt?

Of course not, for dogs are trained.

Now the man tracks

While domestication barks:

“I am the guard-i-a-n!”