All Things Confused

A dog with newspaper spots, barking wherever he goes.

Month: December, 2012


Lights are being unstrung,

Placed in boxes, and wrapped.

Ornaments now are hung

In closets or attics.

Pines are put down outside

Together to be lit.


For once a joyous tide,

Today cannot be fit.

A child asks his mother

For Christmas everyday.

“Child,” replies the mother,

“We have our bills to pay!”


A Full Chest

You lay your hand

Upon her chest,

Look up, and-





What it had kept!

It’s Night

The assassin stood.

The victim slept.

Even in slumber,

There loomed a threat.

Only a Portrait

The piece is stunning, bright, and fair,

A portrait that lays all to bare.

Locks of shimmering brown, in light,

Fall past a pate of pale delight.

Two orbs, hazel, deep, and bereft,

Gaze towards an eternal left.

Upon divine, appealing face,

Slim brows adorn with gentle grace.

Pink ears, petite and slightly warm,

Own faintness of the newly born.

Soft osculations are exposed,

On a kind, ethereal nose.

With cherubic cheeks, blushing red,

Her lips are parted, barely fed.