All Things Confused

A dog with newspaper spots, barking wherever he goes.

Your unsolicited song

disrupted the preceding silence.

Now, my quiet memory

feels like anticipation.



The sun came up





I stood on the scuffed gym floor.

“I’ll never drop the ball again!”

Night rolled across the floor.

I Opened a Desk Drawer with My Mouth

Pins prick inside the drawer.

I bite my teeth into the wood.

The little sounds dance around

my jaw.  I pull the metal runners forward.


Dust abates to a vinyl taste.

My lip catches a chemical taste.

I try to spit out the remaining taste.

I know I have swallowed a little more.


Slightly swaying inside the chest,

The pins tap the tissue paper.

My eyes strain, I watch my fingers,

A short breath, and I shut the door.

Against the Wind

Overpass winds blow,

Crashing and low-

The whining jerk

Precipitates a tow.

At night,

I have seen streetlights

glow on the bark

of trees.

I have squinted

to find shade

in the dark,

and having returned

to well-known spaces,

found myself a stranger

in the park.

Hard to Believe-

Last Saturday

was Christmas Eve.

The Missing Piece

My puzzle did not fracture

Until I framed the broken


The laminate glint upon

The box

Had appeared demure apart.

But as I slowly assembled

The print

I detached from my endeavor.

When should the pieces

Become complete?

Alone or altogether?

Sipping Water

The humidity almost

Made (up) me drown,

My last breath choked

And all moist

From the sound

Of con- densation.

Branching Out

Little finches nest above

My door

And screech for pests-

I might abhor.


They invite my grace

With piteous cries,

Which find my place

Inside awry.

For the Birds

Moss, clinging,

Facing north

Never heard

The winter singing.